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Our Services

We offer specialized architecture and design expertise for building high end villas, residential units and apartments.



We specialise in building luxury villas tailor-made for every individual client. Our focus is to create uniques spaces that reflect the aspirations of the client while adding cutting edge technology and innovation that stands the test of time.                   

From Planning to execution, our focus is to create living spaces that that transform a home into much more.

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commercial and Industrial Spaces

From Office buildings to resorts, we build all things commercial. Over our three-decade long run, we have had the opportunity to create beautiful spaces for the hospitality industry in the form of resorts, restaurants and cafes. On the industrial front, office spaces and ware houses have been designed for maximum efficiency. We create according to what you need.



Building an apartment is a mindful space-planning exercise. It's the craft of putting together all the amenities required for  potential tenants, in the given space. We love taking up spaces and utilising innovative engineering and architecture to create works of art.

We have a Quality team who have worked with Builders like Total environment, Address makers and Shobha, keeping a watch.

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educational Institutions

We have built schools and colleges that work as effective learning places while keeping functionality and ergonomics in mind. Creating living spaces that help creative minds to grow has been a passion.

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our specialities



Stressing over that long overdue dream of converting your outdated space into a contemporary home? We got your back! Our space renovation project management will take the stress away from you with  master-planning, execution and time management.

Our specially trained  labor makes sure your day-to-day life is not interrupted with our work. From helping you decide the changes and remodeling required in your space to make sure everything is time bound, we work together with you to make your dream home.

Get in touch with us now to discuss your renovation plan!



Whether it's for new construction work, renovation projects, or demolition plans, we are here to do the site survey and gather as much information as possible to ensure an obstacle-free project execution.


Our technically qualified team led by experienced civil engineers with the latest technological support makes it possible to provide our clients a clear picture of the project after a detailed site survey. The more efficiently a site survey is done, the lesser the chance of complications to arise while executing the project. 



We have a well-trained and well-coordinated workforce ready to take up heavily challenging demolition projects. With the help of a high-standard safety mechanism & super-efficient leadership, we neatly and safely demolish old/unwanted buildings.


Designs N Build associates with accredited security companies to ensure the safety of our staff and all the personnel and other constructions within the site area. Just like we know how to construct a building ground up, we also know how to take one down. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a well-qualified team who can handle the challenges of a demolition project. 

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To finish a construction project within the allocated budget and time, you need a proper construction audit. With the help of our experienced personnel in the construction field, we provide you construction audits that are clear, precise, flexible, and executable.

Our team of senior civil engineers and construction lawyers will prepare the audit and will walk you through every step of it. Our well-planned and reliable construction audit helps you avoid the project spiralling out of hand. 



If you want structural alterations in your home/office space, Designs N Build is here with significant experience in completing structural alteration projects safely and seamlessly. Very often, the need for structural alterations arises because of safety factors and the need for up-gradation.

We completely understand the challenges involved in such projects and are well equipped with knowledge, expertise, and technology. We are here to help you from conceptualization to construction.



Our decades of experience in the construction field have made us capable of undertaking and executing various levels of construction projects. Through the use of innovation and technological advancements, we have developed a contemporary way of construction project management. 

We help in coordinating between the various agencies and subcontractors ensuring smooth execution. Our on-site PMC will supervise the project and clients will get daily online updates.

Our Costing and accounting team will assist in Budgeting and optimising cost as well as minimising escalation.

The QS team visits at relevant intervals to make sure the highest quality is maintained.

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